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The right way to Paintless Dent Repair

Providing top quality with most services to body shops, dealerships and paintless dent repair shops, has become our main goal.

* Free Estimates

We write accurate and fair estimates without the need for supplemental work, in most cases.

* No Drilling Policy

We do not drill any holes into a vehicle to create access point to a dent. We preserve the vehicle's original state and we do not modify it with extra holes that are plugged. We use glue pulling process to fix all the dents that have no access.

* Corrosion Protection

Corrosion protection is not something that one could ignore. It doesn't matter how skilled the technician is, he will scratch the backside of the panel, which leads to corrosion. It's extremely important to apply corrosion protection to the panels that were worked on.

* Lifetime Warranty

We provide written limited lifetime warranty for every repair we do.

For more info on terms and conditions of the warranty click here.

* Most Advanced Technologies

On the quest to Paintless Dent Repair, we constantly search for, new innovative ways and tools, to achieve higher standards in quality and productivity, at a lower cost.

* Free Door Dings Repair

Along with hail damage we will fix up to five minor prior dents free of charge on the claimed panels.

* We Advertise your Businesses

What is better advertisement than extremely happy customers?

* Flexible Financial Arrangements

We provide a variety of financial arrangements for businesses.

* Individually Trained Employees

By individually training our technicians, we observe higher results in the quality of their repairs. Even after the training, our trainees are under supervision of a master technician for at least two years.