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Hail damage repair

Auto PDR Group is a family owned and operated business, that specializes in hail damage repair. A group of highly experienced and certified technicians, who saw the need for an honest business that helps customers get the best quality with most services in the paintless dent repair industry.

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The right way to paintless dent repair

Providing top quality with most services to body shops, dealerships and paintless dent repair shops, has become our main goal.

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  • No Drilling Policy
  • Corrosion Protection

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What is paintless dent repair?

Paintless dent repair or PDR is a variety of technics used for removing minor dents from the body of a vehicle without the need of repainting. The most common use for paintless dent repair is hail damage, door dings and body creases.

How does paintless dent repair work?

The process uses a variety of custom made tools that manipulate the metal back to it's original form. This is achieved after obtaining access from a range of different entry points around the vehicle.

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